Lin Ye

Nanjing University
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Research Interests


Research and Professional Experience

Selected Publications

  1. Large-scale comparative analysis reveals different bacterial community structures in full-and lab-scale wastewater treatment bioreactors
    Yanyan Ma, Dongni Rui, Haonan Dong, Xuxiang Zhang, Lin Ye*
    Water Research. 2023, 120222
  2. Aerobic starvation treatment of activated sludge enhances the degradation efficiency of refractory organic compounds
    Haohao Sun, Juntao Xia, Bing Wu, Hongqiang Ren, Xuxiang Zhang*, Lin Ye*
    Water Research, 2022. 224:119069.
  3. Stable isotope probing reveals specific assimilating bacteria of refractory organic compounds in activated sludge
    Haohao Sun, Kailong Huang, Xuxiang Zhang, Hongqiang Ren, Lin Ye*
    Water Research. 2022, 118105.
  4. Bacterial enrichment in highly-selective acetate-fed bioreactors and its application in rapid biofilm formation
    Haohao Sun, Ran Mei, Xu-Xiang Zhang, Hongqiang Ren, Wen-Tso Liu, Lin Ye*
    Water Research. 2020, 115359.
  5. Machine learning-aided analyses of thousands of draft genomes reveal specific features of activated sludge processes
    Lin Ye*, Ran Mei, Wen-Tso Liu, Hongqiang Ren, Xu-Xiang Zhang*
    Microbiome. 2020, 8:16.
  6. Aromatic compounds lead to increased abundance of antibiotic resistance genes in wastewater treatment bioreactors
    Juntao Xia, Haohao Sun, Xu-Xiang Zhang, Tong Zhang, Hongqiang Ren, Lin Ye*
    Water Research. 2019, 166:115073.
  7. Metagenomic insights into ultraviolet disinfection effects on antibiotic resistome in biologically treated wastewater
    Qing Hu, Xu-Xiang Zhang*, Shuyu Jia, Kailong Huang, Junying Tang, Peng Shi, Lin Ye*
    Water Research. 2016, 101:309-317.
  8. Fish gut microbiota analysis differentiates physiology and behavior of invasive Asian carp and indigenous American fish
    Lin Ye, Jon Amberg, Duane Chapman, Mark Gaikowski, Wen-Tso Liu
    The ISME journal. 2014, 8:541-551.
  9. Microbial structures, functions and metabolic pathways in wastewater treatment bioreactors revealed using high-throughput sequencing
    Lin Ye, Tong Zhang, Taitao Wang, Zhiwei Fang
    Environmental Science & Technology. 2012, 46:13244-13252.
  10. Analysis of the bacterial community in a laboratory-scale nitrification reactor and a wastewater treatment plant by 454-pyrosequencing
    Lin Ye, Ming-Fei Shao, Tong Zhang, Amy Hin Yan Tong, Si Lok
    Water Research. 2011,45:4390-4398.


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